ABC’s Challenges Brain Injury Survivors Face

  • Ability to recall (short term / long term memory problems) 
  • Balance / Coordination / Dizzy / Falling Issues 
  • Cognitive impairments 
  • DEEP DARK depression and excessive misery
  • Extreme mood changes  
  • Fatigue, loss of energy, lack of motivation or hyperactivity 
  • Gets angry, frustrated and upset easier and more often
  • Health issues / medical problems increase (Seizures?) 
  • Insomnia or other sleep disorders 
  • Jobs and understanding employers are difficult to find
  • Keep failing to see their own behavioral problems 
  • Language / speech difficulties 
  • Motor changes ( bowel / bladder control, limb weakness, swallowing)
  • Needs are increased and most are not being met 
  • Overwhelmed at directions, lights, noise, objects or too many people
  • Physical changes – appetite, body temperature changes, weight
  • Quiet and calm atmospheres help but not for the “ringing” in their ears
  • Relationships change – family / friends / co-workers 
  • Senses – hearing – sight – smell – taste – touch
  • Thinking changes and how they process their thoughts 
  • Unable to do some of the things they did before their injury
  • Very vulnerable people – often abused by society 
  • Will at times –  abuse alcohol / drugs / other people 
  • Xylophones – maybe not – but Music / Dance Therapy can be great!
  • You feel – as a survivor – you are all alone to face a new life!
  • Zebra as a pet? Maybe not, but pets do have the power to make a difference!

Brain injury survivors travel many broken roads that can lead to nowhere fast!

For the families, neighbors and friends of a survivor everyone’s life changes. It is very difficult for loved ones to continue to live with and care for a brain injury survivor on a daily basis. Caretakers could always use more help! Survivors find comfort sharing their triumphs and trials with other survivors. When they share their stories of courage and hope, they feel they are not alone! 

God bless!

Written by survivor Sharon Gieseke, Founder and Director of MN Brain Injury Force, Inc.