Programs & Services

Minnesota Brain Injury Force, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that relies on volunteers to support survivors! Our mission statement is “Providing Programs and Services for Brain Injury Survivors and their Families!



Brain Injury Events

Events and fundraisers sharing knowledge about brain injuries and brain health. Minnesota Brain Injury Force holds several events throughout the year including an annual Brain Bash.

Survivors Supporting Survivors Support Meetings:

At survivor’s availability, Monthly meetings offering knowledge and support are held in various towns throughout south central Minnesota.

Brain Injury Grants (BIG):

Brain Injury Grants (BIG) are funds that are given to area brain injured survivors to help them with their high costs of living with a brain injury. Area brain injured survivors have to apply for these funds from Minnesota Brain Injury Force. Email Minnesota Brain Injury Force for more information.


Giving Program:

Minnesota Brain Injury Force gives food, gift cards, school supplies, memory aids, blankets or other useful items to children, adults and veterans who have suffered a brain injury. Items vary, as we depend on our generous communities to donate these items. Email Minnesota Brain Injury Force for more information.


Just Think! Magazine:

Minnesota Brain Injury Force volunteers and survivors produce a magazine. The Just Think! includes articles written by survivors or their loved ones. Survivors share their stories of courage and hope! Good Samaritans write articles and share what they do to help survivors. Minnesota Brain Injury Force includes brain injury/health articles.


News 4 You Newsletters:

Minnesota Brain Injury Force volunteers and survivors provide newsletters which can include brain injury/brain health information. Minnesota Brain Injury Force events or survivor meetings are listed to encourage survivors to participate. Meeting leaders contribute/share information that they feel is important to survivors.


Volunteer Programs

Brain Bookmobile:

Minnesota Brain Injury Force volunteers may borrow books, DVD’s and articles relating to brain injury and brain health.

Care/Share Program:

Someone who cares can share! Minnesota Brain Injury Force (MNBIF) survivors who collect check donations made out to MNBIF or sponsor a MNBIF fundraiser receive 20% of the proceeds (Online donations from Go Fund Me or other sites do not qualify).


Survivor’s Garden:

Volunteers/Survivors work in a garden to produce healthy food to share with other survivors!

Pet Power:

Pets have POWER to help make survivors’ days happier, healthier, and less stressful! Survivors need help with their costs of having a pet.



Print your own MNBIF poster to share MNBIF with your local community! View current posters on the Minnesota Brain Injury Force Facebook page.