We are seeking funds or other non monetary donations. We use funds to help citizens and veterans who have a brain injury. Minnesota Brain Injury Force (MNBIF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible under IRS rules.

We appreciate your support and help. Any amount is not too small. Email us for more information about donating.

Read our letter for support

Save $$ and Support Us

Car Donation for TAX DEDUCTION!

Donate your tired, broken, unused car for a TAX DEDUCTION!

Donate your tired, broken, unused car for a TAX DEDUCTION!

“Change” a Brain!

Does your business establishment want to get more involved in helping the local brain injured community? Receive a “Change” a Brain Injury Survivors Life!! Special coin jar to set inside your establishment for the public to donate to MNBIF. We will post on our website and advertise who collects the most donations.

Thank you for whatever you do to support MNBIF and local brain injury survivors!! Your help is so very much appreciated!

Please take time to Thank area business establishments that allow Minnesota Brain Injury Force (MNBIF) “Change a Brain Injury Survivors Life” coin jars. These exceptional places need to be commended in allowing MNBIF to collect cash donations from the public.


Save $$ and Support Us

You as a consumer can SAVE $$ and SUPPORT Brain Injury Survivors by purchasing these great deals.

Papa Murphy’s “Peel a Deal” coupons (cost $5): “Peel a Deal” cards have great deals on the price of Papa Murphy’s pizza. The card costs $5 and you get over $25 worth of great deals!

Happy Joe’ s Pizza coupons (cost $5)

How to Purchase

You may email us with any questions about purchasing the above offers.

Buy coupons at all Survivors Supporting Survivors Support Group Meeting locations at the time of the meetings only. Times and Locations: listed under events.

The fund raising helps our local brain injured continue to live a better life after incurring a brain injury. We want to be able to provide them with extra help with their medical bills, their medicine costs, finding better aids to help them to remember and giving them support and resources to live another day with their brain and body. They are Brain Injury Marines. They wake up each morning knowing they have to fight all day with a brain not working like it used to do and then when they go to sleep at night they have problems getting proper REM sleep. They work and fight with their brain injury 24/7.

Who knows, you might know of someone besides yourself who will have a brain injury some day soon.. a stroke, a car or bike accident, a brain tumor etc..