Minnesota Brain Injury Force, Inc. (MNBIF) provides knowledge and support to brain injury survivors and their families.

Over 5.3 million Americans live with disabilities from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) We live among you, walking along side of you, with you usually not knowing that we are brain injured. There are more of us than you are aware of!

MNBIF is there to help. Some of our services include a “Brain” bookmobile, where we rent free books and DVD’s about brain injury. We also produce the “News 4 You” newsletters with current events and information, legislation, and articles relating to brain injury. We support participants through meetings and “Brain Boosting” workshops in New Ulm, Mankato, and Hutchinson.


Since its beginning in June 2002, the New Ulm Area Brain Injury Support Group has grown in attendance, interest, and the support it provides. Sharon Gieseke, the MNBIF group’s creator, Director and lead facilitator has had so much interest from across south central Minnesota that she has organized the group’s growth. We founded “Minnesota Brain Injury Force” in 2010 after being initially known as South Central Brain Support.