Letter for Support

To Whom It May Concern:

Minnesota Brain Injury Force Inc. (MNBIF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation (DLN:17053222337032) that supports area brain injury survivors. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) include: falls, vehicle crashes or sports injuries, etc. Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) include: strokes, aneurisms, brain tumors, etc. These special survivors live among you, walking along side you, with you usually not knowing that they are brain injured! There are more survivors than you are aware of! They need help in finding the strength to cultivate hope and faith in living a new life! Most survivors have limited income and some need a home.

View our Programs & Services page to learn about MNBIF programs and services for brain injury survivors and their families!


  • Donate ~ MNBIF is seeking funds or other non-monetary donations. Donations can include gift cards, promotional items or services from a business. Survivors need food, gas cards, blankets, quilts, date books, binders, memory aids, calendars, organizers, craft and office supplies, paper, used computers and software or out-dated merchandise etc. Donate to the Bookmobile or BIG!
  • Memorials ~ Donate in memory of your loved ones and the funds will help these special survivors!
  • Volunteer ~ At fundraisers we raise brain injury awareness and the needed funds to help survivors. Volunteer to help at a fundraiser, hang posters or help advertise events on face book. Volunteer to help write / prepare grants or assist with a BIG Pledge Drive in the town you live!
  • Need a tax deduction? Donate your old, broken, non-working car, truck, boat or farm machinery etc.! (See the poster on our web site.) Someone will pick up your items, sell them for scrap and donate the proceeds to help area survivors! MNBIF can give you a donation receipt.
  • Business news ~ A business can donate to MNBIF their promotional items to give to the public at the fundraisers, sponsor an event or display a “Change a Brain Injury Survivors Life” coin jar. Donate to MNBIF and your business can be posted on our web site: www.mnbif.org.

Please consider providing MNBIF with the means to help meet our objectives. We would appreciate your help in supporting our area brain injury / stroke survivors! MNBIF is proud to be listed on the following web sites: www.strokesmart.org and www.biausa.org.

Thank you and have a great brain day!

Director of Minnesota Brain Injury Force, Inc.