MNBIF is there to help. Some of our services include a “Brain” bookmobile, where we rent free books and DVD’s about brain injury. We also produce the “News 4 You” newsletters with current events and information, legislation, and articles relating to brain injury. We support participants through meetings and “Brain Boosting” workshops in New Ulm, Mankato, and Hutchinson.

Brain Injury Events:

Special seminars and events sharing knowledge about the function of a brain and brain injuries.

Brain Boosting Workshops:

Monthly meetings offering knowledge and support held in various towns throughout south central Minnesota.

Brain Bookmobile:

MNBIF Members may borrow books, DVD’s and articles relating to brain injury and brain health.

Brain Injury Grants (BIG):

Brain Injury Grants (BIG) are funds that are given to area brain injured survivors to help them with their high costs of living with a brain injury. Area brain injured survivors have to apply for these funds from Minnesota BIF.

Applications will be available at the Mankato, New Ulm and Hutchinson workshops. Please call or email Minnesota Brain Injury Force Inc.  for more information.



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